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Locking and Unlocking Layers in Photoshop CC 2014
Julieanne Kost's Blog
Use the following shortcuts to lock and unlock layers in Photoshop CC 2014. • Command + / (Mac) | Control

Four short links: 21 October 2014
O'Reilly Radar
The Delusions of Big Data (IEEE) — When you have large amounts of data, your appetite for hypotheses tends to

How Safe Is The Internet Of Things
Picture this: you check your house’s status on your smartphone and discover that your front door was left open. You

How Mobile Technology has Changed the Workplace
Think back a decade ago. Things at work were probably very different from what they are today. Mobile technology hadn’t reached mainstream

Designing forms for higher performance on Mobile devices
LiveCycle Doc Team
Mobile Forms in Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 4 (ES4) software offers rendering of XFA form templates in HTML5 format. This

Adobe AIR games on mobile round-up: Catch The Nuts Galaxy
Flash Daily
Adobe AIR games on mobile round-up: Catch The Nuts Galaxy Siege 2 War of Mercenaries: iOS, Android Bubble Fairyland: iOS, Android

Photoshop 2014.2.1 Update Now Available
Jeff Tranberry's Photoshop Crawlspace
How to get the updates Photoshop 2014.2.1 Update (10/20/2014) Photoshop 2014.2.1 Update (10/20/2014) 10/20/2014 – Today we released Photoshop CC 2014

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