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Apache Flex SDK 4.13.0 released

Jul 28, 2014 5:35 PM
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The Apache Flex community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Flex SDK 4.13.0 The Apache Flex SDK is a highly productive, open source application framework for building and maintaining expressive applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops and devices (including smartphones, tablets and tv). The Apache Flex SDK 4.13.0 is an update to Apache Flex SDK 4.12.1 that adds support for the latest Flash Player and AIR runtimes, support for Workers in FDB, and many bug fixes. For more details, see the release notes at: The Apache Flex SDK is available in source form from (translate)

A First Look at Swift and Xcode 6 - An App in Ten Minutes!

Jul 26, 2014 7:30 PM
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While I ponder what next to add to Nodality, I thought I'd take some time learning Swift and playing with Xcode 6. If you're not aware, Swift is Apple's new programming language for both iOS and OS X development. For an ActionScript old timer like me, it's a lot friendlier that Objective C and, unlike developing with AS3 and AIR, gives me immediate access to all the great stuff in iOS like SpriteKit, SceneKit and Metal.So, my first throwaway project is a silly calculator containing two horizontal sliders, to set values, and a segmented button control (similar to a Flex ButtonBar) to select (translate)

Apache Flex at ApacheCon EU 2014

Jul 24, 2014 7:34 PM
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The Apache Flex PMC is proud to announce that two of our PMC members - Justin Mclean and Christofer Dutz will be presenting multiple sessions at this year's ApacheCon EU 2014. This is a great way for people within and outside the community to learn about Apache Flex and to find out all the latest updates in the project. Here are the individual session details: Building Cordova Applications With Apache Flex Monday, November 17 • 11:30am - 12:20pm Christofer Dutz, Codecentric AG An Introduction To Apache Flex Monday, November 17 • 3:50pm - 4:40pm Justin Mclean, Class Software Unit Testing (translate)

AS3-Worker-Compat ActionScript Worker wrapper for compatibility...

Jul 4, 2014 11:26 AM
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AS3-Worker-Compat ActionScript Worker wrapper for compatibility with all AS3 versions of the Flash Player (9 and later) NEW: v0.2.1 includes AsyncScheduler and JPEGEncoder demo What it does? The WorkerCompat wrapper simply uses dynamic-lookup to determine if the Worker API is available and supported. This allows SWFs compiled with this code to be playable on all version of the Flash Player, not just those with Worker support (11.4 and later). As such, it also allows you to use an older compiler (Flash CS6, older version of Flash Builder or Flex, etc) to take advantage of Workers. … WorkerCompat will soon power the (translate)

Nodality 1.6 Released! Nodality, the node based image editing...

Jul 2, 2014 11:29 AM
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Nodality 1.6 Released! Nodality, the node based image editing and compositing app for iPad, version 1.6 released! New transform nodes, UI refresh and full screen mode. Nodality is created with Apache Flex, Vitapoly Core Image ANE and Adobe AIR. You can read about the 1.6 release on my blog at: (translate)

Flash Player 11 & Stage3d goodies round-up: How to export...

Jun 27, 2014 9:29 AM
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Flash Player 11 & Stage3d goodies round-up: How to export Flash Professional content as WebGL Gradle plugin for building Flex projects Adobe AIR – Wand Using ANT to build Flash FlashDevelop Monokai Dark Soda color scheme Hprose for ActionScript 3.0 Worker from Class katapadAS3 classes Working With StageVideo A simple way to get native alerts with Adobe AIR [FlashBuilder] How to speed up startup time AStream - XML to Object mapping library Learn how to make a cool Negative PostFX with FLSL Open source version of the Scratch 2.0 project editor libtess2 - library for tessellation Advanced Flex AutoComplete component (translate)

easyWorker Apache Flex / Adobe Air library to make ease to work...

Jun 24, 2014 7:28 AM
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easyWorker Apache Flex / Adobe Air library to make ease to work with Workers No more burden to create an other project and / or an extra SWF for your Worker, everything is in-memory, don’t deal anymore with MessageChannel and other low level API, use Thread an Events. Includes all the used classes and nothing more (except if you want to), register for you your typed object to pass them back and forth the Worker. (translate)

360 Flex 2014 Session Recordings! Session recordings from...

Jun 13, 2014 3:28 PM
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360 Flex 2014 Session Recordings! Session recordings from 360 Flex 2014, held in San Jose CA: Jun Heider: Mobile Development Erik De Bruin: Flex from a Committer’s Perspective Michael Labriola: Functional Programming Mark Piller: Flex and BAAS Primer Justin Mclean: Fixing bugs in Apache Flex Giorgio Natilli: AS Multithreading Michael Labriola: Polymer for Flex Developers Om Prakash: Apache Flex Mobile Developer — iOS and Android Overview (translate)

Flash Player 14 and the AIR 14 Runtime and SDK

Jun 11, 2014 1:49 PM
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The Flash Player 14 and the AIR 14 Runtime and SDK have bveen released by Adobe and should be making their way across various devices and distribution platforms. New features include: Anisotropic Filtering – enhances the image quality of textures on surfaces that are at oblique viewing angles. New Stage3D “Standard” Profile (with AGAL v2!) […]Related Posts:Flash Player and AIR 14 betasNew Flash Runtimes Goodies on LabsPackaging AIR 3 Captive Runtime for Windows DistributionApache Flex 4.10 Released!AIR for Android… Intel! (translate)

Notes on Angular 2014.06.10

Jun 11, 2014 5:31 AM
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I was trying to draw parallels in AngularJS and something like RobotLegs (which is my preferred MVC framework when building Flex/Flash applications).  Here are some interesting findings: $scope.$root == $rootScope There is no need to inject both $scope & $rootScope in … Continue reading → (translate)

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