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Working Late: Panel discussion with Frank Chimero and Jen Mussari

Aug 29, 2014 6:22 PM
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Get your notebooks ready. We’re kicking off our series at the Makeshift Society this fall with a panel discussion, focusing on the role typography plays in the work designers do across print and digital mediums. Our panelists will be Frank Chimero and Jen Mussari, with our own Tim Brown facilitating the discussion. We’re so excited to have these folks together for what should be a fascinating conversation. Come join us! Frank Chimero Frank Chimero Frank is a designer whose projects give thoughtful consideration to the analog and digital worlds, and the design systems connecting them. His book, The Shape of (translate)

Help us make Adobe Presenter better. Take this 5-minute survey!

Sep 9, 2014 3:20 PM
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Here is your chance to establish a one-on-one relationship with the Adobe product teams and help us make your product experience better. If you are currently an Adobe Presenter user or have been one in the past, we would love to hear your thoughts in this 5-minute usage survey.   (translate)

Highlight Clipping in Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw (and Why You Should Care)

Sep 12, 2014 7:35 PM
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I come from a traditional film background where we were concerned with nailing the exposure for the shadows and would let the highlights kind of take care of themselves. Today, with digital sensors, it’s exactly the opposite. Our main concern is retaining highlight details, making sure that the brightest parts of our images have detail. (translate)

3Crates Build a tower of crates in this one-tap gameplay. Beat...

Sep 14, 2014 1:12 PM
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3Crates Build a tower of crates in this one-tap gameplay. Beat your friends, collect coins, unlock all crates! But watch out! - you need to be precise, because crates move faster the higher the stack gets! Stack at least 3 crates perfectly to earn points. The higher you stack, the points increase exponential! Please share. My game #3Crates is live on the AppStore! #Stage3D #StarlingFW #FeathersUI #Nape — Martin Bjeld (@bjeld) September 12, 2014 (translate)

Bluetube Ranks In Inc. 5000 List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Aug 29, 2014 6:23 PM
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Bluetube has made the Inc. 500 5000 List of American's fastest-growing private companies in 2014, aligning Bluetube within exclusive ranks. The elite group Bluetube has joined includes companies such as Microsoft, Vizio, and Oracle. Bluetube qualified for this prestigious list by... (translate)

Guide for Supporting Screen Orientation with Full-Screen Flash Player Content

Sep 6, 2014 3:20 AM
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Authored by David Kim Prior to version 15, Flash Player (FP) did not provide notification of change in screen orientation.  Starting with FP version 15 (FP 15), notification of screen orientation will be provided through triggering of a resize event if … Continue reading → (translate)

Flash Daily user submission: Xtreamer Multi-Console I’ve build...

Sep 2, 2014 9:29 AM
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Flash Daily user submission: Xtreamer Multi-Console I’ve build a Launcher for Xtreamer Multi-Console. Using Adobe AIR, Starling, Feathers and ANE from Maorbar. Product page Demo (translate)

Updated Flash Player 15 and AIR 15 betas available on Adobe Labs

Sep 18, 2014 11:21 PM
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Updated Flash Player 15 and AIR 15 betas, code named Market, are now available on Adobe Labs. This beta release includes new features as well as enhancements and bug fixes related to security, stability, performance, and device compatibility for Flash Player 15 and AIR 15. Learn more about Adobe AIR 15 beta Download Adobe AIR […] (translate)

Apache Flex TourDeFlex 1.0 released

Aug 25, 2014 5:33 PM
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The Apache Flex community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Flex TourDeFlex 1.0 The Apache Flex Tour De Flex component explorer provides a sample set of working Apache Flex examples. This application is based on work donated by Adobe and their component explorer and is expected to be updated over time. We welcome feedback and contributions to it from the wider Apache Flex community. The Apache Flex TourDeFlex is available in source form for you to compile from the following download page: When downloading from a mirror site, please remember to verify the downloads using signatures or (translate)

Using the Histogram to Learn What the Sliders Do in Photoshop Camera Raw

Sep 16, 2014 6:43 PM
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If you’re like me and you don’t use the histogram on your camera (well, I do use my camera’s highlight clipping warning, but technically that’s separate from the actual histogram), knowing how the sliders in the Basic panel of Camera Raw affect your histogram can be really helpful. (translate)

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