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easyWorker Apache Flex / Adobe Air library to make ease to work...

Jun 24, 2014 7:28 AM
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easyWorker Apache Flex / Adobe Air library to make ease to work with Workers No more burden to create an other project and / or an extra SWF for your Worker, everything is in-memory, don’t deal anymore with MessageChannel and other low level API, use Thread an Events. Includes all the used classes and nothing more (except if you want to), register for you your typed object to pass them back and forth the Worker. (translate)

5 Essential Ingredients of a Cool Coming Soon Page

Jul 2, 2014 1:26 PM
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Is your product going live shortly? You need to think about its promotion long before you publish a website. Coming Soon page serves for this purpose effectively, but if you design it properly. Read this article to know the magic ingredients of a powerful coming soon design!The post 5 Essential Ingredients of a Cool Coming Soon Page appeared first on MotoCMS. (translate)

Using Plupload To Upload Files In AngularJS

Jul 2, 2014 1:22 PM
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Ben Nadel looks at using Plupload to upload files in an AngularJS application. And, using a secondary dropzone to gather files.... (translate)

Wacom Wednesday: Peter Murphy

Jul 2, 2014 5:33 PM
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Thanks to in-house trainer and Graphic Scientist, Sebastian Bleak, we present the second Wacom Wednesday (#WacomWED) feature on our blog. This week we see the completion of the ‘Peter Murphy’ image. Sebastian creates depth and detail using Astute Graphics’ DynamicSketch and Ai’s own Blob Brush with his Wacom IntuosPro design tablet. He shows how designing [...]The post Wacom Wednesday: Peter Murphy appeared first on Astute Graphics. (translate)

Photography Program: Photoshop CC 2014 and Lightroom For $9.99 Is Permanent Offer

Jun 28, 2014 4:54 AM
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Great news! A photography program for $9.99 is permanent offer. Here is a link to the Adobe Creative Cloud blog where you can read: All New Creative Cloud for 2014 is Here with more details. You can also watch recording from the 2014 Release of Creative Cloud launch event. Beside offer for photographers there are new offerings for enterprises and education. What is included in Photography program and download linkEverything that photographers may need for post-processing: Latest version of the Photoshop + Latest version of Lightroom desktop, mobile, and web. You can subscribe or download free trials from here.Try again (translate)

The present and future of Flash game development according to FGL

Jun 23, 2014 11:27 PM
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Did you already quit Flash game development? FGL says you shouldn't, at the moment. Read why. (translate)

Presenting Presenting: Tips and Thoughts on Preparing and Giving Engaging Presentations

Jul 5, 2014 9:32 PM
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I've written this article about preparing and giving presentations: (translate)

Thoughts on Security: HTTP Streaming with Adobe Media Server and Apache

Jul 2, 2014 11:22 PM
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Content protection and sever security and hardening is an evolving beast and the best thing to do is to keep in mind what needs to be secure and how it can possibly be circumvented. However, there's some basic things to know and a couple tips I can shed some light on within the span of a blog post. (translate)

Flare3D mini Challenge – Meet the winners

Jul 18, 2014 8:42 PM
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Flare3D mini Challenge – Meet the winners (translate)

Updated Flash Player 14 and AIR 14 betas available on Adobe Labs

Jul 8, 2014 11:21 PM
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Updated Flash Player 14 and AIR 14 betas, code named Lombard, are now available on Adobe Labs. This beta release includes new features as well as enhancements and bug fixes related to security, stability, performance, and device compatibility for Flash Player 14 and AIR 14. Learn more about Adobe AIR 14 beta Download Adobe AIR 14 […] (translate)

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