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On Design Conferences

Sep 26, 2014 5:35 PM
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A GOOD CONFERENCE is a designed experience. I don’t mean a visually over-designed brandgasm. I mean an educational and emotionally considered narrative. To me, the ideal conference offers a single track, so that all attendees (and all speakers) share the same intense experience over one or more days. The content of each presentation should be […] (translate)

I Remember

Sep 25, 2014 3:35 PM
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THERE WAS THIS GUY, sax player, used to honk all up and down the Q Train to Coney Island. Thought he was Sun Ra. Wasn’t. (translate)

One Hug

Sep 16, 2014 1:37 PM
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JUST WEEKS ago, my daughter’s mother moved out of state. The kid’s been having a tough time with it, and with school, and with her upcoming tenth birthday, which won’t work out the way she hoped. And then, over the weekend, her laptop and mine both broke—hers by cat-and-ginger-ale misfortune, mine by gravity abetted by […] (translate)

Design Problem

Jul 18, 2014 6:48 PM
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FOUND on a school restroom door. If you don’t turn the little latch to the right when you exit, the door automatically locks behind you, and nobody else can use the restroom. Instead of fixing the door, they made a sign. (translate)

Online Training to Make Sites and Apps Accessible

Jul 7, 2014 5:34 PM
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ACCESSIBILITY IS LIKE the weather: everyone talks about it, but not enough of us do anything about it. Austin-based Knowbility is one of the few groups in the world with the commitment and expertise to change this. If enough of us fund their new IndieGogo project, they’ll gain the resources they need to create online […] (translate)

Original Hip Hop Art

Jul 2, 2014 7:33 PM
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WHY THE INTERNET was invented: this single-page, no-frills website presents a trove of original, old-school hip hop party posters designed By Buddy Esquire and Phase 2, featuring legendary rappers before they got famous. Word to your mother. Hat tip: Fred Gates Design. (translate)

Netdiver returns

Jul 2, 2014 6:07 PM
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PIONEERING design ‘zine Netdiver is back, baby! Founded by my friend and colleague Carole Guevin in 1998, Netdiver was one of the first web ‘zines to seriously explore and promote design and design culture on the web. In its pages, you would discover pretty much everything exciting that was happening in web and digital design, […] (translate)

The Color Purple

Jun 10, 2014 5:36 PM
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WHEN my daughter was little, she used to ask me my favorite color. I was a grownup, and could only supply a grownup’s answer: “I love the way light looks in late afternoon,” I might say. Or, “Red and black can make powerful statements in graphic design.” Grownups don’t have favorite colors. But children do. […] (translate)

An Event Apart San Diego 2014 in real time

May 13, 2014 1:33 AM
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Tweets about “#aeasd” (translate)

I Cry Inside

May 10, 2014 7:25 PM
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MY DAUGHTER cries and begs me not to leave on my business trip. I hold her and tell her I will return soon. My grandfather died in a plane crash between New York and California. My mother, who was eleven, had begged him not to leave. He lied and told her he would cancel the […] (translate)

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