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Logs from Open PhoneGap Session

Apr 23, 2014 9:21 PM
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Thank you to everyone (especially the PhoneGap team!) who showed up to the open session that Holly and I ran today. We had a great size crowd and a very interesting set of questions. Between Holly and I and other PhoneGap members we were able to cover nearly everything. The pace picked up towards the end but we had a firm cut off time so we couldn't go long. We definitely plan on repeating this soon. I'm using Gists for the logs. First is the Q and A log: And here is the chat log. This is a bit more (translate)

Project Parfait - PSD Introspection in the Browser

Apr 22, 2014 11:21 PM
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Today Adobe launched a pretty cool new site - Project Parfait. Project Parfait lets you work with PSDs via your web browser. By default you're presented with a default PSD to work with, but you can quickly upload new PSDs by simply dragging them into the browser. I did multiple tests and the service didn't choke on any of them - even a large 30 megabyte one. Once you've uploaded the PSD the service will then start processing your file to extract data from it. When done, you can open the PSD in the interface and start working with the (translate)

PhoneGap Developer App

Apr 21, 2014 9:16 PM
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At the end of last week a really interesting new PhoneGap tool was launched - the PhoneGap Developer App. The PG Developer App is a "shell" application that you can install on a real device (both Android and iOS with Windows Phone coming soon) and test with a local copy of your code. You can skip the SDK. You can test iOS on Windows. All you need is the core PhoneGap CLI and you are good to go. Let's take a quick look. First - ensure you have installed the phonegap CLI via npm. Ensure you have the latest version (translate)

Recording: Debugging Mobile Applications Presentation

Apr 18, 2014 7:22 PM
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Thank you to everyone who attended (not sure how many - 20+ I think?) my Google Hangout presentation today. I think I'm getting used to the platform but as always, if anyone has any tips for how I could do these better, I'll gladly listen to your advice. You can watch the recording below. I'm not attaching the slide deck as there aren't any 'real' demo files for you to play with, but if anyone really wants it, I will. (translate)

Another Weekly to Sign Up For...

Apr 18, 2014 3:33 PM
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I've blogged before about some excellent newsletters to sign up in regards to web dev. A new one has just launched - Mobile Web Weekly. This newsletter is curated by two friends of mine - Brian Rinaldi and Holly Schinsky. Check it out. To get an idea of what they are covering, here is the latest issue, with a story by yours truly. (translate)

Article: HTML out of the Browser

Apr 17, 2014 3:21 PM
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Very happy to announce the first publication of an article of mine on the Mozilla Hacks blog. This article is a bit of a departure for me. Less techy and more touchy feelie. Broadly, the article is a look at how HTML (well, web standards in general) are branching out of the browser. Probably some (or most) of this is known to my readers, but I felt like a look at this phenomenon was worthwhile. I hope you enjoy it as well. HTML out of the Browser (translate)

Open PhoneGap/Cordova Session next week

Apr 16, 2014 9:21 PM
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It has been a while, but next week (Wednesday, April 23rd) at 12PM CST, Holly Schinsky and myself will be hosting an open Q and A session for PhoneGap and Cordova. We've run these before and they are pretty successful. There will not be any presentation, but we will take your questions and try to answer them as well as we can. These sessions tend to bring up great discussions and are a good chance to see what other people are struggling with as well. We won't make a recording, but we will share the text of the questions and (translate)

Example of Async Linting support in Brackets Sprint 38

Apr 15, 2014 11:21 PM
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One of the more cooler updates to Brackets recently was the linting API. This came out back in October and I wrote up a review of the API for the Brackets blog. It basically took 90% of the boiler plate code for linters and made it them a heck of a lot simpler. One thing that wasn't possible with the linter (or not easy at least) was handling linters that needed to do something asynchronously. One of my extensions, W3CValidation, made use of a remote API to perform validation on HTML. (I've also got a wrapper for another HTML validator: (translate)

Google Hangout - Debugging Mobile Web/Cordova Apps - A Quick Review

Apr 15, 2014 2:52 PM
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This Friday at 1PM CST, I'll be hosting an online Google Hangout about debugging mobile web/Cordova applications. This is a repeat of what I did at this years FluentConf, so if you couldn't make it, this is your chance. Note that I've set the meeting length to 1.5 hours. It will be much shorter than that. The original presentation was 30 minutes and I anticipate it taking about the same. I'm not sure what Google Hangouts will do if I go past the end of a meeting so I wanted to ensure we didn't get cut off. For folks who (translate)

Multi-File Uploads and Multiple Selects (Part 2)

Apr 14, 2014 3:16 PM
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A while back I wrote a simple example of using JavaScript to add file previews for a multi-file upload HTML control. You can find that entry here: Adding a file display list to a multi-file upload HTML control. I followed it up with another example (Multi-File Uploads and Multiple Selects) that demonstrated adding support for multiple selections. This weekend a reader asked for a way to remove files from the list before uploading. Here is an example of that. First - I had to figure out how users would remove files. I could have added a button to each image (translate)

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