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The Current State of Alternate Audio Streams in HTML Video

Sep 17, 2014 11:32 PM
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As streaming video continues to mature and become a more widely used medium for delivering major events, it is becoming more important to not only deliver a clear, reliable video, but to begin augmenting it with some of the extra possibilities it affords. One of those extras is the possibility of including alternate audio tracks that can be selected during playback. These can be used to offer video in multiple languages, provide a commentary track, and in many other creative ways. (translate)

Sencha Touch: Android Halo Light Theme

Sep 17, 2014 10:01 PM
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One of the things I love about Sencha Touch is the built in themes. Android has 4.x has two themes: Halo Dark, Halo Light.  There is only one Android theme for Sencha Touch and it's dark. I've been bugging them for awhile to include a light theme and their response was "You do it".I googled for a long time and couldn't find a theme someone else did. I gave in and decided to make my own theme after finding this one. It's beautiful. I read his breakdown and he created a theme by copying the winPho theme and made changes (translate)

Zend Framework 2: Using mysql functions in SQL classes

Sep 17, 2014 10:01 PM
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The built in ZF2 classes for sql queries have been wonderful to use. I like that it takes care of escaping data and saves you from messy string all over your codebase. I ran into a problem when trying to do something "complex".Here is an example of the SQL I was trying to write.INSERT into `table` SET `col1` = FROM_UNIXTIME(?)When I tried running this the mysql method was quoted`FROM_UNIXTIME(?)`I started digging around and found an extra class required if you want to use functions in the escaped data spot. It's called an expression. Here is how they're used in the (translate)

Two Handy Swift Extensions: Hermite Splines and Image Resizing

Sep 15, 2014 9:32 PM
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As part of my Swift Image Tone Curve Editor, I wanted to draw a smooth spline passing through a number of points. There's nothing 'out of the box' in Swift to do this - the standard UIBezierPath can draw cubic and quadratic Beziers, but it takes a little work to set the control points to make a nice continuous curve.There are two common solutions: Catmull Rom and Hermite. Luckily, I found this great article discussing implementing both in Objective-C and even luckier, it includes the source code. So, it didn't take long for me to port that code to Swift and implement (translate)

Swift Tone Curve Editor

Sep 14, 2014 11:30 AM
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One of the nice features in my Nodality application is a little widget for editing the points of a tone curve. A tone curve changes the luminosity of an image for a given tonal range. For example, increasing the value the leftmost point on the curve makes shadows brighter and, conversely, decreasing the value of the rightmost point makes highlights darker.The CIToneCurve filter is part of CoreImage and accepts five points that form the curve. This blog post looks at creating a Swift application that allows a user to load an image and edit the tone curve of that image using five vertical sliders.I've built (translate)

Some Photographic Shaders

Sep 13, 2014 9:52 AM
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A couple weeks ago I was contacted and asked to develop some filters for Starling that could be used in a mobile camera app[...] (translate)

Speaking at, CFSummit 2014

Sep 12, 2014 9:34 PM
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It’s that time of the year when the ColdFusion community huddles up at Vegas! ColdFusion Summit 2014. If you are a web designer, developer, strategist, or thought leader, ColdFusion Summit provides the perfect forum to exchange ideas and experiences. Its an opportunity to interact with ColdFusion experts, domain leaders, and peers, and learn about the […] (translate)

AngularJS Directive for the excellent ShapeShift.js plugin

Sep 11, 2014 11:32 PM
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For a project I’ve been working on for the past two years (extremely cool and still top secret until its release soon), I use the excellent ShapeShift plugin based on jQuery UI to create a Pintrest-like mosaic layout for a...Read more (translate)

RAO Inc Traveler’s Tongue Apps created with PhoneGap

Sep 11, 2014 9:32 PM
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Where have I been? It’s been a while since I blogged, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been a busy programmer. I’m back to regale you with snarky wittiness and some good code. After the Great Flash Crash of 2012,...Read more (translate)

Hay q dejarse varas, el mae es buen cantante jajaja (at...

Sep 11, 2014 9:32 PM
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Hay q dejarse varas, el mae es buen cantante jajaja (at Roundhouse) (translate)

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