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Category: Mobile and Devices (rss)
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Cordova iOS and iOS 8

Sep 19, 2014 1:22 AM
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iOS 8 was just released – and Cordova supports it fully, but it is still using the existing UIWebView iOS browser component (more on the new iOS 8 WKWebView later). The main issues were in the core plugins, which have been updated but the released versions in the Cordova Plugin Registry have not. We are […] (translate)

Rediscovering Accessibility for Future Tech!

Sep 17, 2014 3:34 AM
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This is a rediscovery of “Accessibility” in the world of touch-screens and other natural interfaces. With new technology innovation the lines between accessibility technology and Technology for Mass are getting blurred. What used to be a special need is becoming a general need for mass use.Situational Disabilities Use-cases are defining the new age devices, wearable […] (translate)

Video: Building Hybrid Applications with Ionic

Sep 13, 2014 3:21 PM
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How cool is NCDevCon? The presentation I finished 10 minutes ago is online. Now. There may be some audio issues in the middle (had some feedback) so you may want to switch to headphones (let me know), but overall, check it out and let me know. I've made no secret of my love for Ionic and I hope this helps people get acquainted with it. Video Link p.s. I didn't include my slide deck and example apps, but if folks would like them let me know and I'll post a copy. (translate)

Having issues sending a Cordova app to an iOS device? Seeing lldb?

Sep 11, 2014 11:21 PM
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Yesterday I ran into an odd issue with an Ionic demo. I was trying to run it on an iOS device and it kept hanging. After about 5 seconds of hanging, I'd see (lldb) and then nothing else would happen. I switched to using the Cordova CLI and confirmed the same thing happened there. After a bit of Googling, I found myself on the Ionic forums at this thread: Error when doing 'ionic run ios'. Long story short, there is a process, lldb, that is hanging around and blocking access to the device. Use the suggested pkill lldb command and (translate)

Ionic Framework and CLI updated

Sep 10, 2014 11:22 PM
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Just a quick note to let folks know that Ionic has been updated - both the framework (the UI and UX bits, basically what you see) as well as the CLI itself. This forum post details the changes in the Ionic framework itself: As for the CLI, I'm not aware of a document just for that, but the latest version is 1.2.4 and a cool new addition has landed. You can now seed an Ionic project with the contents of a directory. This joins the existing other options (one of the three main templates or a CodePen) and is (translate)

What is the optimal environment for trying Ionic?

Sep 9, 2014 9:21 PM
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So earlier today before the OMG A WATCH IT BURNS event, David asked me a question about Ionic on Twitter: @raymondcamden Thanks Ray!.. May I know the optimal (perhaps the one you have) dev environment for trying ionic framework?— David R (@sachindavids) September 9, 2014 I told him I'd need a bit more than 144 characters to respond so this is my attempt. As always, take what I say with a grain of salt. This is my opinion. First and foremost - David said, "trying" - which to me is a bit different than "working with." If your goal is (translate)

Quick Tip: Testing Ionic Apps with the PhoneGap Developer App

Sep 8, 2014 1:05 PM
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The PhoneGap Developer App is a great tool for testing PhoneGap and Cordova apps quickly with no platform SDK setup required on your machine. You just download the PhoneGap App from the app store, run a PhoneGap CLI command from your machine to serve up the application you want to test on any iOS, Android […] (translate)

RSS Reader Cordova demo updated with Ionic

Sep 5, 2014 3:21 PM
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A few years back I wrote a series of blog entries (linked to at the bottom) that discussed building a simple RSS reader application with PhoneGap/Cordova. The application used two variables, a simple name and RSS url, to drive an application that would grab the RSS feed, make a list, and let you read individual entries in the app. The final version of the app made use of the (non-core at the time) ChildBrowser plugin to let you read the entry on the site itself. (This was especially useful for RSS feeds like mine that show partial content in RSS.) (translate)

Ionic 1.2.0 Released

Sep 4, 2014 3:22 PM
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Yesterday the Ionic folks released version 1.2.0. They've got a nice blog entry taking about the update, but I want to share the cool bits here as well. Definitely read their blog post for all the updates, but here are the ones that I think are really cool. First and foremost is the new LiveReload feature. Previously Ionic supported automatic reloading in the browser via ionic serve. You type - you save - and the browser reloads. Cool. But now you can do this on an actual emulator - or device. That's right. You skip the whole part of rebuilding (translate)

Digital India Logo

Aug 28, 2014 3:33 AM
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The symbolism behind the logo:      1. The logo is compromised of two components that represents “d” for digital and “i” for india to match the taxonomy figuratively.    2. Binary number format is the foundation of digital technology. In 2nd Century B.C., Pingala from India invented the first binary number system through the […] (translate)

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