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Web Services

Adobe Feeds provides a new web service API that allows developers to interact with Adobe Feeds and extract data from the aggregator. Just about everything you can do from the web interface can be done through the web service API. The new API gives developers access to the following data:

  • Categories.
  • Smart categories.
  • The languages MXNA 2.0 contains feeds in.
  • All the feeds aggregated by MXNA 2.0 (optionally retrievable by category or language).
  • Posts matching a specified search term.
  • The last 20 searches performed through Adobe Feeds.
  • Post data (optionally retrievable by category, smart category, or feed).

The Adobe Feeds web service API can be accessed from any programming language or toolset that supports web services. The WSDL file for the web service can be accessed at:

You can find the documentation for the web service API here.

Note: The 1.0 version of the MXNA web service has been deprecated. It still functions, however it will be removed in later releases of Adobe Feeds. Developers are encouraged to update any tools which rely on the MXNA 1.0 web service so that they use the new version.


Flash Services

The MXNA Flash Services are data services which are compatible with Flash's loadVariables function and LoadVars class. Rather than returning data in XML format like the MXNA web services, all the data is encoded in a query string which Flash can load and parse into Flash variables. Flash Services were specifically created for Flash Lite Mobile applications.

Below is a list of all the functionality available through the Flash Services API:

  • getMostRecentPosts
  • getExcerpt
  • getPostsBySearch
  • getSmartCategories
  • getPostsBySmartCategory
  • getMostPopularPosts

The Adobe Feeds Flash Services documentation can be found here.