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Managed Print Services and How They Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Oct 24, 2014 7:35 PM
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As a business your first priority is likely to be increasing your efficiency and effectiveness with a view to reducing expenditure and increasing revenue. But what if you could do this while at the same time having a positive impact on your environment by decreasing your carbon footprint. A managed print service is an excellent […] (translate)

Human Angry Bird launches into the sky using a giant slingshot

Oct 24, 2014 7:35 PM
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Rather than just jumping off the edge of a cliff, our very own Office Clowner turned himself into a real-life Angry Bird, using giant slingshot—and some feathers—to launch into the sky. The only thing that I'm missing is him eating some bacon after opening his parachute. (translate)

Spray paint only on wood

Oct 24, 2014 7:35 PM
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Spray paint (and then some Photoshop) only on wood 200x250cm, Reverse, 10/24/14 (translate)

Adobe Creative SDK Update v0.5.2062

Oct 24, 2014 5:30 PM
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In the latest update to the Creative SDK released this week there are a few changes to look at. First the SDK now requires Xcode 6. There is also updates to various iOS 8 issues that are fixed now. The AdobeUXAssetBrowser class has a new method for launching the asset browser component. It has the [...]The post Adobe Creative SDK Update v0.5.2062 appeared first on Renaun Erickson. (translate)

FGL published 3rd Quarter earnings: gaming market is growing, including Flash!

Oct 24, 2014 5:28 PM
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FGL publishes 3rd Quarter earnings: good results for native and HTML5 mobile games, great growth for Unity licenses and a Flash bounce back!! (translate)

What You Missed This Week

Oct 24, 2014 3:24 PM
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It's been a great week at the DMXzone as we released our 3rd version of DMXzone Nivo Slider. With its great integration with HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP now you can dynamically supply the images for your slideshow directly from a database or public feed. Supplied with numerous transitions and designer skins it's the most amazing jQuery slider. Make sure to check out the great showcases that we created with it and get it soon as it's currently on sale with a discount. (translate)

Four short links: 24 October 2014

Oct 24, 2014 1:35 PM
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PaGMO — Parallel Global Multiobjective Optimizer [...] a generalization of the island model paradigm working for global and local optimization algorithms. Its main parallelization approach makes use of multiple threads, but MPI is also implemented and can be mixed in … (translate) redesign

Oct 24, 2014 1:34 PM
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The original post can be found here: redesignA redesign of has gone live for most of the people visiting Amazon now. (If you can’t see it, try browsing there in incognito mode.) As can be expected from a retailer that does the volumes Amazon does, it’s not an earth-shattering change. However, as they have pretty much kept the same design for a long time this is[...]This blog post was originally posted on Graphic Mania (translate)

Video Tutorial – Adding Textures to Photographs in Photoshop CC

Oct 24, 2014 1:20 PM
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I’m sorry, I completely forgot to blog about this! I was asked to make another guest appearance on the Photoshop Playbook series, so here’s a short tutorial on how to add textures to photographs (both locally as well as selectively) in Photoshop.  I hope it’s helpful! (translate)

Is Apple to Blame for the Downfall of Nokia?

Oct 24, 2014 11:33 AM
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Finland’s Prime Minister, Alexander Stubb, recently made front page news because he blamed Apple for Finland’s poor economy. Nokia was founded in 1865 by Fredrick Idestam and Leo Mechelin, however, the first fully functioning Nokia phone was released much later, in the 1980s. Soon after launching, Nokia became a dominant player in the mobile phone […] (translate)

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